Managing SVN repositories

Now that I have an SVN server and I’m making extensive use of my repos I was asked by a friend to create a repo for a small project he has. Since the project was for the company he works for then aI became aware that I couldn’t just put up a repo and expect he didn’t take a look at my personal projects.

Since his repo would be on the same folder as mine I needed a way to keep his eyes away from my projects and still allow him full control of his own.

This is the easiest solution I came up to.

Under my repos folder I created a repo for my friend called “friendrepo”:

svnadmin create friendrepo

Then assigned the proper owner and group so my apache could handle it:

chown -R user:group friendrepo

Then I created a domain name for him to use in

Added the proper lines to httpd.ini to handle the domain, then added a folder to be pointed by that domain which looks something like this:


also changed the owner and group to those of my http server.

After that I created a soft link to my friends repo and voilá!!!! It’s done!

Next I just added the users he asked me and there he goes! now he has a repo on my server and he can’t see my repos!!!

I’ll keep playing with SVN to see if there’s an easier way.

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