Excel & PHP (again…)

Damn! It’s been a day and I just keep finding that although some of the COM functions for Excel-PHP are similar to those of ASP there are some that still are hard to get.
First of all to set the value of a cell we have 3 different ways:
Setting the Value property, setting the Formula and setting the FormulaR1C1.
The thing is that when trying to set the FormulaR1C1 with a value that uses de RC syntax the thing throws an unknown exception!!!
This is useless since I can’t figure what the hell is going on!
Also there’s little or none info about Excel COM & PHP on the web…. crap!
As soon as I find whats wrong Ill post it here….

Found something interesting.
A formular1c1 declared like “=SUM(R[-2]C:R[-1]C)” in common VB should look like “=SUM(F(-2)C:F(-1)C)”… weird but I think Im getting closer to a final solution.
Now suppose I have Excel and I have a spanish version where the formula SUM should be SUMAformular1c1 should work with SUM but doing:

$cell->FormulaR1C1 = “=SUM(F(-2)C:F(-1)C)”;

Does not work…. Like Poco I’ll keep on tryin’ 😉

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