When random ain’t that random

Been working on a small project that demanded the use of captcha.

Since it’s very small I decided to create my own captcha class. Nothing very complicated but still enough to avoid most of the spam robots. Anyway In order to create a nice captcha mi code draws some lines whose x,y coordinates where randomly generated through PHP’s rand function.

Later that day as I was finishing a widget I came up with this cool site. It’s all about randomness so I started reading.

To my surprise I found out a specific page that talked about pseudo random numbers generators (PRNG) and true random numbers generators (TRNG). PHP’s rand function is a PRNG and it’s not as cool as I thought.

For what the page explains the rand function should be avoided for true random number generatiosn when on a Windows server. Apparently it behaves oddly and follows some sort of pattern. They recommend the use of mt_rand instead which generates a more random number and also is faster than rand!!!!

Obviously I moved to mt_rand.

Please read the article, you’ll be surprised!!!


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