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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Wow! I’m amazed by the power of this library!

It’s been a while since the last time I posted anything. I’m in another company and with new challenges.

The main project/reason this other company hired me was to connect 2 different closed web applications they bought. One of them will be used to manage users access and privileges and the other will manage the content. The first one is hosted in our server and it’s encrypted with zend guard, the other is a hired service and they don’t provide any access to code, database or anything that has to do with providing access to their servers but they provide an API.

The encrypted software gives you the availability to modify 2 files and thats all.

So the project was doing well, the API seemed to be the solution but then I got to a piece of data that the API doesn’t handle and is the very core of this integration. I thought I was missing something so I started Googling it, went into phorums, asked for support, submited tickets and nobody would give me a proper answer… damn! so I decided I’ll do it by myself.

A year ago I heard about CURL, I even bought a book and started studying it but it was useless at the time, no project needed anything from it so everything was forgotten until now.

Since the data I needed to modify from the API was available through a web admin console I decided to use CURL, access the admin console, get to the page where the data could be modified and modify it… took me a couple of hours… It’s done!

I’m very excited, and just wanted to write this down.